Sunday, January 15, 2017

Daily 5 in a Snap!

Thank you so much for attending our PD session! We really hope we inspired you to try out the Daily 5 in your classroom! We understand that it's a lot to take in, in just 45 minutes... However, there are many resources to get you started. We advise you to take some time this summer to meet with your colleagues to brainstorm ideas, research, and think of ways you can make Daily 5 work for you. Get together over coffee, or by the pool, with the Daily 5 book and/or CAFE book, create a collaborative Pinterest Board to save ideas, and gather any other essentials you'll need to jumpstart the Daily 5. For more ideas you can follow our d a i l y 5 Pinterest board here. Also, here are the links to the Daily 5 Book Second Edition and the Daily CAFE book. Take a minute and visit The Daily Cafe for tons of articles and ideas to help guide you through the Daily 5. Below you will find the slide presentation you saw today, or share with your co-workers who couldn't make the session.. You will also find, wait for it.... some amazing Daily 5 FREEBIES for your classroom! Thanks again for visiting with us today... Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions! Thanks so much!

                                                     Jen Agent and Tami Martin
                                                Third Grade at Eastside Elementary