Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Break + 2016 Teacher Anchor Review

Hi everyone! Summer break is here and I could not be more thrilled! I have taken a break from the blogging world since I've had my little girl, Spencer, in January.  I'm so excited to spend the summer with my baby girl and plan for next year! Speaking of, have you gotten your new Teacher Anchor yet? It truly amazes how these keep getting better and better each year! C. Jayne Teach has the best teacher planner ever! I know that May is a time when teachers are tired and ready to close in on another school year and take a break. BUT nothing gets me pumped up and excited then receiving my new Teacher Anchor each May. This will be my 3rd year using the Teacher Anchor and I love it.... Here's a little review in case you are looking for a planner or considering the Teacher Anchor for yourself.

When I first started teaching, the Teacher Anchor was on my wish list! Now looking back, my first Teacher Anchor is like a diary of my first year teaching. It's full of all my big ideas that I had for Kindergarten, things that went great, things that didn't go so great, and everything in between.. It's worn and tattered, but will always hold those first year memories.. 
As you can see, I definitely took my Anchor everywhere.. It is coffee stained, erased, scribbled, and full of all my first year fun! This Anchor had a paper cover, since then it has been updated to a vinyl type material for durability. 
This is my 2015 Teacher Anchor.. You can tell it has held up a lot better due to the change in cover! I love all of her designs! This thing made planning for my maternity leave so much easier! 
You can see that you have lots of room to jot down your plans... I write rather large and always have plenty of room to get it all down! (this is the 2015) 

Jump forward to the new and improved 2016 Teacher Anchor 
The new Teacher Anchor is bright and cheery and available in polka dots or stripes! (sigh) the colors just make my planning heart happy! 

Here are few highlights from the 2016 Teacher Anchor that I love: 

As always, there is lots of room for  
planning.. I love the little side column to use as a checklist for things to get done. I'm a list girl and feel so accomplished and organized when I can check things off my list!  

 I love this section for IEP goals!! How handy! It is so great to have this for documentation too! 

This is my favorite! The small group section!! I love this for my small group time!! Makes Daily 5/Guided Reading so much more organized! Also, great documentation to have handy for your principal! 

This is really is nice to have for a sub so they know where the kiddos go at the end of the day... It makes it great for having in the planner so it's always with you! 

I love this section for professional development.. I am going to do some PD this Summer and this will be so handy! 

The year-at-a-glance feature is wonderful! Especially since I am teaching a different grade this year. This will help me stay focus on track! I love how she allows you to plan daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly! 

There was a similar note section in the 2015, but not as detailed as this.. I love this! I use this to help me organize my to-do's for Teachers Pay Teachers too. 

(Ha! I look like a collector!) 
So not only does C. Jayne Teach have the best planners, they also have other goodies you need to check out! I can't wait to order the adorable and colorful notepads, clipboards, and many other cute necessities for my classroom. 

I hope everyone has a great summer! I can't wait to do some poolside planning with this cutie :)