Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Long term sub plans

I have been M.I.A. on blogger for quite sometime. I put my blog on hold so I could focus on my pregnancy, Kindergarteners, and TPT. As I get closer and closer to my maternity leave, I thought I'd share how I planned for my long term leave. I planned for 10 weeks. Which I'm only taking 8 weeks maternity leave, but I wanted to be prepared unless my little one comes early! Before I started any planning I purchased an editable sub binder. I found this one from Mrs. D's Corner that I love, but she has lots to choose from. It covers everything! i.e. class schedule, routines, rules, behavior management, medical needs, lunch/recess rules, emergency info, class tour, parent info, etc. There are also different covers to choose from!

After I organized everything in my sub binder I got busy with my lesson plans. It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to organize this but this is the best way for me....I created a sub tub. 
What you need:  
 hanging file tub/or milk crate should work
hanging file folders
assorted colored file folders (5 different colors for each day of week) 
paper clips
tabs for labeling the week
everything for your weekly lessons

First I created my lessons at week's glance. That way the sub can easily see what's in store for the week. This is how I created my template, again you can do however you wish, this just worked for me! 

Next, I labeled each hanging file folder by week! That way no matter when my baby comes, she can just grab by the week of. i.e. I would label the first week (January 4-8). 
(not a very clear picture)

I took each weekly lesson plan and paper clipped it to the outside of the hanging file folder, that way she can take it off to look at whenever. 

Inside the hanging file folder will have everything you need for the week. I also include the story of the week, that way she doesn't have any problem finding anything. Each folder is labeled for the day of the week, and color coded (but I guess that optional). I include all the papers that she needs to make copies of, a simple daily lesson plan guide for reading and math, any new new sight word cards or phonics cards to add to our word wall/phonics wall, and any other items she might need for the day. It seems pretty full-proof! 

That's it! Everything is nice and organized which makes me feel less stress, and will hopefully make the sub's job easier! Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my break! Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks, I'm getting so excited! Please pray for my little one and I!