Monday, June 8, 2015

Reflect and Refresh {LiNkY}

I am linking up with Mrs. D's Corner! As I said yesterday, I've really been reflecting on my first year teaching K. What to do differently, what really works, and new things to try. I really like changing things up and very seldom will you see me doing the same thing over and over.

Communication: My kids have three-ring binders where they put their work each day to take home and it also serves as a way to communicate with parents. I have a weekly newsletter that goes in the binder as well as a daily behavior log that has to be signed each day. This works really well as far as staying in touch, but it seemed I was always franticly rushing at the end of the day to get folders signed and sent home. I'd like to try something different but I just don't know what! I'd like to send e-mails because it would be so much easier and save so much time and ink. I'm going to have to see how many parents can access the internet, that would be my only drawback with that. If you have any ideas for me on what to do, please share!
Organization: Luckily I spent a week right after school was out completely reorganizing everything from art supplies to my classroom library. It really needed some organization. What I'd like to do though this year is find some tubs and color code them for centers. I watched a video at the Kindergarten Smorgasboard on how Mr. Greg manages centers. It was really amazing. He has a spin wheel that lets the kids know what center that are working at and the center groups are color coded. He had a tub full of literacy/math activities for each week depending on the group's level. For example, the pink group (could be your strugglers) would have activities in their center tub that is appropriate for them, where the blue group) higher level will have different activities. If your group was supposed to go to a lit center then you'd grab your groups tub and take to the table. One group might be working on letter recognition while another group is ready for sounds. I really liked this idea because during my small group time it always seemed that someone was up from another group asking me how to do something, I'm hoping this helps with that.
Content: I am so excited to not have to use my basal reading curriculum this year. This year I am approved to get to use Deanna Jump's Guiding Readers Curriculum. I tried it out in January and February and fell in love! It's so on key, the stories are great, and it provides the right amount of rigor. I'm so excited for this!
Summer Projects: My main focus right now is getting ready for Vegas. I'm so excited to go to the I Teach K conference and TpT conference for the first time ever! I've been wanting to go for so long. I can't wait to meet my fav bloggers and make new blogging friends! After Vegas it's time to get back in the classroom! I'll be getting my room ready for another great year! We start school August 4!

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