Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TPT sale + Last Week of SCHOOL!


I bet everyone is enjoying the awesome sale on TPT in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week! My store is on sale and it's a great time to get those items on your wish list for next year :) I have been busy busy this week! This week is our last week of school! Next Monday is our Kindergarten graduation :( I have been so swamped with getting ready for graduation! This week we are working on our "Kindergarten Memory Books", Mother's Day gifts, and all things graduation! Today we  did a fun little art activity.

Painting with bubbles, have you heard of this before? I did this activity in my college class "Creative Expressions in Early Childhood" and had forgotten all about it until today! It's so simple and so so fun! All you need are straws, tempera paint, containers, and paper.

 I bought these paints because they are really bright colors.

A big bag of straws... No sharing! :)
 And containers! I bought these at Dollar Tree! They are so easy for storing. Just add water to a little paint and tada! Bubble paint! (this was actually right after our art activity, so they're a little messy)
Have students take their straw and BLOW bubbles until it bubbles up above the container, but not overflowing.
Then have them place their paper on top of the bubbles, where it basically pops on the paper.

Have them use as many colors as they want! The more the better!

Kind of makes a pastel bubble pattern!

Last bulletin of the school year! Hello Summer! 
Here are some freebies!
We've been working on our Memory Books and Mother's Day presents. Enjoy these freebies!
Mother's Day{Freebie}   Kindergarten Memory Book {freebie}
Kindegarten Diploma {freebie}
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Visit my storewide sale!

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  1. I think my before school students would love doing some bubble painting! :) Even though they're in 3rd! I will have to try it out!