Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sweet Sweet Summertime

I am finishing the first week of my summer break! Unfortunately it hasn't been spent sitting poolside with my Kindle, but instead on my new PB sofa with my Kindle ;).. I live in Oklahoma and if you've paid any attention to the news lately, the state is flooded and I haven't seen any sunshine in quite a few days.... I haven't been very productive this week, I have been exhausted, like literally can barely keep my eyes open. (More on that later).... So my week has been strictly reading, snoozing, pinning, (a little shopping) and more snoozing....
Even Boomer loves the couch, but it does not love his paw prints... Luckily it is all machine washable! 
I did a l i t t l e shopping, I mean duh! What else do you have time for when school's out for summer??? I treated myself to a new chair (actually got it a couple weeks ago, but I'm obsessed and had to share) and hit up a Kendra Scott Memorial Day sale!

On another shopping note, my new Teacher Anchor came in the mail! Ahhhh I was so excited to see it!! I love all the updates Chandra made to the anchor. I didn't purchase the binder because mine is still in great condition from last year. Plus, she included all of the extra sheets in the planner this time, which makes it so much more convenient.
Out with the old. . .

In with the new!!! YAY!
Last years planner may be coffee stained and a little worn out. . . but I will hold it as a keepsake to remember my first year teaching...It holds all of my "big ideas", things that worked, things that failed, and everything in between. I really love this planner.
Really wishin' that sun would come out! Look at all of the Lilly one of my sweet students gave to me on the last day of school! If that doesn't get you excited for summer I don't know what will!
If you still aren't finished with school and you're wearing yourself out, here's a nice quote to remember... Another sweet kiddo got this for me, I keep it on my work desk  at home as a little reminder. Happy Summer y'all!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hats off to Kinergarten! Hip Hip Hooray!

This is my last week of school and we just had our Kindergarten graduation. I have been so busy preparing for EOY things that I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like. Our graduation was Dr. Seuss theme and was super cute! Here are a few pictures!

You can't have a Dr. Seuss themed graduation without DIY truffala trees. We made these using pool noodles, pom poms, and black duct tape for the stripes. Super easy! 

I love this sign! So easy to make!
 Perfect spot to take a pic!
 I love our silhouettes, they are easy to make and such a sweet keepsake for parents.

 A few happy grads!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TPT sale + Last Week of SCHOOL!

I bet everyone is enjoying the awesome sale on TPT in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week! My store is on sale and it's a great time to get those items on your wish list for next year :) I have been busy busy this week! This week is our last week of school! Next Monday is our Kindergarten graduation :( I have been so swamped with getting ready for graduation! This week we are working on our "Kindergarten Memory Books", Mother's Day gifts, and all things graduation! Today we  did a fun little art activity.

Painting with bubbles, have you heard of this before? I did this activity in my college class "Creative Expressions in Early Childhood" and had forgotten all about it until today! It's so simple and so so fun! All you need are straws, tempera paint, containers, and paper.

 I bought these paints because they are really bright colors.

A big bag of straws... No sharing! :)
 And containers! I bought these at Dollar Tree! They are so easy for storing. Just add water to a little paint and tada! Bubble paint! (this was actually right after our art activity, so they're a little messy)
Have students take their straw and BLOW bubbles until it bubbles up above the container, but not overflowing.
Then have them place their paper on top of the bubbles, where it basically pops on the paper.

Have them use as many colors as they want! The more the better!

Kind of makes a pastel bubble pattern!

Last bulletin of the school year! Hello Summer! 
Here are some freebies!
We've been working on our Memory Books and Mother's Day presents. Enjoy these freebies!
Mother's Day{Freebie}   Kindergarten Memory Book {freebie}
Kindegarten Diploma {freebie}
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Visit my storewide sale!