Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Worksheet-Free Wednesday

Worksheet-Free Wednesday was another hit! We love this day!
Our Worksheet-Free Wednesday Schedule
Chit-Chat (blends) on Smart Board
Daily Fix-it on butcher paper/smart board
Read Aloud: Roses are Pink Your Feet Really Stink
Act out vocabulary from story
Make -ay words on Smart Board
Have an -ay word spelling test on butcher paper
Guided Reading and Literacy Station block (always hands-on)
Science Experiment
Number Bonds on Smart Board
Daily Fix-it is a unit I sell in TPT. I simply pull it up on the Smart Board or make copies. On Wednesdays I put in on the smart board and let them fix it on butcher paper. You can find that unit here.

 Next we chit-chat about blends. We went over the "th" blend today and came up with lots of words. I love the Chit Chat units in Deanna Jumps store!
 We made -ay words!
 We also took a very informal-just-for-fun -ay words spelling test on butcher paper.
 Finally the science experiment! Everyone loves this!
What you will need:
Candy hearts
1tbs Baking Soda
1/4 C. Vinegar
1 C. Water
Simply have the students add their water/baking soda mixture. Then have them add the hearts to see what happens. Then have them slowly add the vinegar. Ta-da! dancing hearts. The baking soda/vinegar causes carbonation, which causes little bubbles to wrap around the candies to make them bounce around. Be careful! This gets messy! I used our butcher paper from this morning as tablecloths.

Lastly we did our math lesson as a group on the Smart Board! We are working on number bonds.
Products we use and love!
(Click the images for a direct link to TPT)

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