Monday, February 23, 2015

It's a Snow Day!

Well we got to school this morning and around 10:30a.m. the snow started pouring down. So we let out early! We're a little mountain school, so our rural roads get pretty bad and the buses just can't make it! I'm still here waiting for the call that faculty can leave. I'm just glad we actually have snow falling and it's not an icy mess like it has been! I'm going to go home and cozy up and work on TPT because guess what?? There is going to be a site wide sale starting Wednesday!!!! I am trying so hard to finish my reading unit's for Scott Foresman's Reading Street! I'm so close to finishing Unit 4 then on to Unit 5. I've made awesome changes to them and am so excited to get to use them. I guess if you have to use a Basal you need to make the most out of it! Be sure to check out my store for other goodies if you don't use Reading Street. Have a Happy Monday!

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