Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daily Fix-it

Hey y'all! One of my favorite things in my TPT shop is my Daily Fix-it series that can be found in my Reading Street units. I thought about it and was like "Hey! Why not make this a unit in itself so everyone can use it!" Basically what the Daily Fix-it is, is daily practice in grammar. Looking for errors in simple sentences and fixing them. These errors include capitalization and ending punctuation. It really gives little learners practice in reading fluency with simple sentences, looking for errors, and practicing their writing skills. It also helps with comprehending the simple sentences by having to illustrate what the sentence says. I use this in my room every day. Sometimes I print off copies and put it in my kiddos clipboards and we work them together on the Smart Board. Other times, I just put it on the Smart Board and pick a few kids a day to fix, write, and draw the sentence. I also use it as morning work and center activities. I really love it!

You can find this in my TPT store for only $3.00... Over 30 pages!!!

As you can see we are in shorts, this picture is from September!!!
Another September pic... I actually am really enjoying seeing this old pictures because I can see how much better their handwriting has gotten.. Aww... tear

I let them write on butcher paper for their Daily Fix-it for (as of recent) Worksheet-Free Wednesday!

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