Sunday, January 18, 2015

All About Coins

I teach in Oklahoma and we were a Common Core state for a minute and this year we went back to our old ways (bummer)... Anyways, I still teach Common Core but I make sure I am covering Oklahoma's standards as well. I use Deanna Jump's math curriculum and I have been making two units to implement with hers so I match up with Oklahoma's standards. The first mini-unit I've made to implement in my math curriculum is money. We are required to teach our Kindergarteners about coins. So I made this unit that is perfect practice for Kindergarten and First Grade. I think it's great for the little ones to  start learning about money. The next unit I'll be making is going to be about time. Telling time to the hour. Here's a peek at what my coin mini-unit includes. It has worksheet practice, a game, and two anchor charts. I included anchor chart pieces that you can cut out like I did in the pictures below, or you anchor charts you can pull up on your Smart Board. Check it out in my TPT store!

             Note: I also included regular print practice, our school uses D'nealian. I always include both versions in all of my TPT products. :)             



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