Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Long term sub plans

I have been M.I.A. on blogger for quite sometime. I put my blog on hold so I could focus on my pregnancy, Kindergarteners, and TPT. As I get closer and closer to my maternity leave, I thought I'd share how I planned for my long term leave. I planned for 10 weeks. Which I'm only taking 8 weeks maternity leave, but I wanted to be prepared unless my little one comes early! Before I started any planning I purchased an editable sub binder. I found this one from Mrs. D's Corner that I love, but she has lots to choose from. It covers everything! i.e. class schedule, routines, rules, behavior management, medical needs, lunch/recess rules, emergency info, class tour, parent info, etc. There are also different covers to choose from!

After I organized everything in my sub binder I got busy with my lesson plans. It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to organize this but this is the best way for me....I created a sub tub. 
What you need:  
 hanging file tub/or milk crate should work
hanging file folders
assorted colored file folders (5 different colors for each day of week) 
paper clips
tabs for labeling the week
everything for your weekly lessons

First I created my lessons at week's glance. That way the sub can easily see what's in store for the week. This is how I created my template, again you can do however you wish, this just worked for me! 

Next, I labeled each hanging file folder by week! That way no matter when my baby comes, she can just grab by the week of. i.e. I would label the first week (January 4-8). 
(not a very clear picture)

I took each weekly lesson plan and paper clipped it to the outside of the hanging file folder, that way she can take it off to look at whenever. 

Inside the hanging file folder will have everything you need for the week. I also include the story of the week, that way she doesn't have any problem finding anything. Each folder is labeled for the day of the week, and color coded (but I guess that optional). I include all the papers that she needs to make copies of, a simple daily lesson plan guide for reading and math, any new new sight word cards or phonics cards to add to our word wall/phonics wall, and any other items she might need for the day. It seems pretty full-proof! 

That's it! Everything is nice and organized which makes me feel less stress, and will hopefully make the sub's job easier! Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my break! Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks, I'm getting so excited! Please pray for my little one and I! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

A simple and effective assessment for ALL ages!

Assessment, for lack of a better word... There are many ways we can assess our students. It doesn't need to be a full on test, or special one-on-one time.. Sometimes it just takes a quick group discussion to get an idea of how your students are doing. Something that I used to do with my 3rd graders (I taught 3rd grade for a semester) is have them come in, grab a card off the white board, which usually had a vocabulary word on it, and they would take turns defining what was on their card as a whole group discussion. I haven't been able to do this with Kindergarten until recently because I just got a brand. spanking.  new. magnetic. whiteboard! YAY! Anyway, what I love about this strategy is that you can literally do it from pre-k to high school. Also, it's student choice, which boosts self-confidence.. AND sometimes our students understand things better when it comes from their classmates.  

letter recognition

Here's what I do... I bought some cute cards from my local teacher supply store. I've had them for a couple of years, so I can't remember what brand exactly. I'm sure if you look at Carson Delosa or Creative Teaching Press they will have some. I laminate each card, and add a piece of magnetic tape to the back of each one. EASY! I like to do it this way so I can use a dry erase marker and change them out whenever. As you can see above I have upper and lowercase letters and our first sight words. The letters I have are specific letter sounds we are working on. The students go to the board when they come in and grab a card and take it to their sit spot. We then take turns reading our sight word or letter. I might have them tell me whether it's a lower/uppercase letter and what sound it makes. You could do this activity with numbers, shapes, letter recognition/sounds, sight words, etc etc etc! I like this because it's student choice, which eases anxiety. Instead of calling a student out and asking them to tell you a letter or sight word they might not know in front of the class, this keeps them from feeling embarrassed. If they are picking a word/letter they are confident in knowing, then let them! Someone else might not know that letter in the class and will learn it from their classmate and vice versa! They will have way more fun choosing what card they have instead of being put on the spot. I hope this is something you can use in your classroom! I'm sorry if i've rambled or have been unclear. I currently have poison ivy and took some benedry for the evening so I'm a little fuzzy, ha! I hope everyone has a great week!! Happy Teaching! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baby Talk Tuesday

Since my husband and I are expecting our first child, I have baby on the brain 24/7. My husband I found out we are having a girl, Spencer Claire.  didn't think it was possible that I would pin as much baby stuff as I do teacher stuff! I think it is only fair to give myself a non-teachy day of the week to talk all things baby! I am so excited to be a mom! One of my favorite things to do is going treasure hunting at junk stores. I love finding something old and making it new again! So Spencer's nursery is going to be a very fun project for me to do! This weekend I stopped at a junk store with my parents. I stumbled across the super cute old rocking chair. It's sturdy, comfy, and totally my style. I couldn't wait to get it home and start redoing it. Here is a step by step of my fun weekend project...

Here is the chair.....

Here is what I used..
plaster paint
I used Plaster Paint, which is a chalk paint that is made in Oklahoma. However, you can use whatever chalk paint brand of your choice. 
I used:
Plaster Paint in Ivory Lace
Plaster Paint in Mintalicious
Plast Paint Dark Brown liquid wax
Plaster Paint clear wax paste
220 grit sand paper
600 grit sand paper

Ok, I kind of made a mistake when I first started. You have to mist your fabric with water and mix about a 50/50 solution of paint and water when painting fabric. I didn't do that on my first coat and just used the paint. So mine has a cracked look in some parts where the paint was too heavy. 

Also, initially I thought I wanted the fabric white. It was taking too many coats to cover the pink with white, so I switched to the mint, which I like better anyway. This fabric, by the way, is velvet. Velvet is the hardest to paint apparently, according to my research and now experience. If you have a different fabric if shouldn't take as much paint.  Don't be scared though, velvet is still doable. 

You want to paint with a 50/50 water and paint mix. The water helps the paint kind of soak into the fabric, instead of being thick and cracking on the surface. It will take a few coats. You want to let it completely dry for 24 hours before moving to the next step. 

After your fabric is dry you want to sand with the 220 grit and then the 600 grit to smooth it all out. Then you brush it down with clear wax and wipe of the excess wax with a clean cloth. (old t-shirt)

Below you can see where mine kind of has a cracked look where i didn't apply water first. It's not peeling off and you can't hardly notice it in person. Just be sure to use water!! 

painted fabric
I'm just in love with it! I used the Ivory lace on the wood and then used the brown glaze liquid wax to help it look distressed. 

It's like a brand new chair!!! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Peek at my Week

Wow! We are already rolling in on week 2 of Kindergarten! I can't even believe it. Last week we had fun with Pete the Cat, learning about colors and practicing letter/number recognition. This week we start our full lessons. I'm so excited to get started! I can't wait to see my little Kinders grow! It's truly amazing how much they grow and learn in Kindergarten. I'm linking up with Deedee again to share this weeks plans with you!

back to school



Check out my products I use this week in my TPT Store:


hope you have a great week!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Peek at our First Day of Kindergarten

Last Thursday was our first day of school. We had a great day and I am so excited another school year has begun. When you teach Kindergarten, you typically spend the first couple of days of school going over rules and procedures and getting to know each other. I thought I would share with you my first day plans. I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to share with you my first day plans!

first day of school

My morning on the first day consists of meeting parents and helping the kiddos get familiar with the room and each other. When students enter on the first day, I have play-doh on each student's desk. This is something that doesn't need directions and they can sit down and play quietly while I mingle with parents. I also have Sesame Street playing on the Smart Board. I chose Sesame Street because it's quiet and familiar to the little ones. I also feel like the play-doh is kind of a stress reliever, if they are feeling a little nervous. After all the mommies and daddies are gone, I read a story and we all go to breakfast. 
When we return from breakfast I read Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes. We listen to the audio version that you can find on Harper Collins website (just google pete the cat song). The kids love it and usually start dancing to the music. 
After the story I take the kiddos on a tour of the school and then of our classroom I show them where they can find all of our supplies, etc. 
When we finish taking the tour I have a little Pete the Cat first day coloring page, which you can find in my Rocking in my School Shoes bundle. 

First Day of School

We then sit in a circle and pass Pete the Cat around. I usually start by telling my name and couple of fun facts about myself, then pass Pete to the next kiddo to do the same. 
After that we go over bathroom rules and lunch rules. Then it's off to lunch. Wow the day's already gone by so fast! 
First Day of School

After lunch, It's time for Math Workshop, normally.. Today is less math more rules and procedures!
I introduce Calendar time. I then read Clark the Shark and establish classroom rules. If you would like to purchase my rules you can find them in my TPT store. Just click the picture below. 

back to school

After rules I introduce them to the Math Tubs and that I use in my Math Workshop. I am just letting them play with the manipulatives. 

And then I introduce GoNoodle! I pick a GoNoodle leader and tell them about how each day we will have a new GoNoodle leader. The GoNoodle leader gets to wear a fun GoNoodle sweatband and choose the GoNoodle video. I got that idea from Elizabeth Hall, Kickin' it in Kindergarten. 

After GoNoodle we go to Recess/P.E. and then have snacks. I did the typical "You are o-fish-ally a Kindergartener" snack. Last year I bagged the goldfish crackers up myself. This year I saved some time and bought the prepackaged goldfish. It was still cute but saved some time. 

back to school

Then we move onto the Kissing Hand (Everyones favorite first day book)
We read the story and then I give them a very cute Kissing Hand snack. 

Back to School

I made a recipe that's easy to follow in case you'd like to make some Kissing Hand treats as well. 

First Day of School

First day of school

We then do a little Kissing Hand craft. They're so cute! 

First Day of School

Before we end our day I pass out these cute Kindergarten certificates and the kiddos make a headband. I found this from Freebilicous Blog. Just click on the pic below

Also, a little unrelated bit of info.. I recently found out I'm having a little girl. Meet Spencer Claire 

I hope everyone has a great first day of school! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to School Giveaway

I cannot believe that school starts NEXT WEEK!!! I love going back to school. Starting a fresh new year with new ideas and new kiddos. I have been so busy preparing my classroom and getting lessons ready! I'm sure everyone is searching Pinterest and TPT for back to school goodies and ideas... I thought I would kick off  the back-to-school fun with a giveaway! One lucky winner will get a color chart, 100 chart, and a set of classroom rules! It's sure to add some major cuteness to your classroom! Winner will be announced Sunday, Aug 2. See below for details on how to enter =)

classroom management
I made this for my room last year and love it!!! You can find it in my TPT store. Simply print, laminate, and put together and it's good to go!
one hundred chart

Same thing with the color chart! This is from last year too.. So cute!!! 
colors anchor chart
 I'm in love with this adorable set of classroom rules. You get 4 sets! Line up rules, lunchroom rules, circle time rules, and class rules.
classroom management

classroom rules

classroom management

classroom management

                       Winner will be announced on Sunday, August 2.

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