Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Lately

I've been so busy this past week preparing for our school's fall festival. Being my first year this was my first fall festival. It was last night and it was a major success. I had to come up with a game to play in my room and went with "pumpkin golf". I found it on Pinterest and thought it would be fun. We also has a door decorating contest and I think mine turned out too cute. They haven't told us who won. It's going to be a tough call because there were lots of super cute doors. 
The witch is in! Look at our cute little hoot owls. 

This game was super easy. Just carve a jack-o-lantern, use a piece of cardboard to make a little ramp inside the pumpkins mouth. I used green butcher paper to make the putting green and brown paper twisted up to make a barrier. And ta-da!  You have a putt-putt game. 

Anyway, back to "lately"....

{Listening} to a little Taylor Swift throwback on my way to Hobby Lobby... Man I love me some Hob Lob. 

{Loving} this beautiful fall day. We've got chilli in the crockpot and will be watching some Sooner football today. Boomer! 

{Thinking} I need to get a long run in today. I was supposed to run 8 miles this morning but slept in. It's such a beautiful day though I may go after the OU game. 

{Wanting} to finish Gone Girl..this weekend. I'm so hooked. My mom is wanting me to hurry and finish so we can go see the movie! 

{Needing} to work on next weeks lessons. It's our pumpkin unit and we are going to the pumpkin patch as well. Can't wait to post about it. 

{Trick or Treat} a treat for new followers. If you found my blog and follow me, leave your email on this post and I will send you my Freaky Phonics and Monster Math bundle for free! It's worth $5. I will offer this to my new followers today-Oct 10. 

Happy Fall Y'all!