Sunday, August 24, 2014

Writer's Workshop

Writing has always been something that I enjoy. I love teaching writing to my Kinder's. They get so excited about Writer's Workshop. I've really gotten some interesting stories from them. Everything about a pet goldfish, catching turtles in a pond, spending time at the lake with family, and much more! I use Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump's Writing Through the Year units. They are in a workshop format. There are no prompts, it is all student choice. It encourages risk taking! I do not help them with spelling or give them ideas. However, I do model writing by showing them how to think of a topic and tell their story with words and pictures. This really encourages creative thinking.

This is usually how my Writer's Workshop goes:

Children gather on their Sit Spots as I begin the writers workshop with chart paper. I model writing, and show them how to think of a topic. I explain that writing is just telling a story on paper. I first draw pictures then together we make words with just sounds we hear. I don't focus on spelling, I want them to be risk takers!

After the mini-lesson on the chart paper I have them close their eyes and think of a topic. (I am usually playing classical music or nature sounds in the background). After they choose their topic they can go to their seat and begin writing. I play the "quiet" music while they write. This helps them know that they are quietly working.

I walk around and praise them for their work and notice their details. I am also reminding them about working on stamina and using their strong writing muscles.

After we write, I choose three students to share their work. The students also practice fine listening skills. Deedee and Deanna's units go into much much much more detail of the how writer's workshop should go. This is a vague overview. I really encourage you to use their units!


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