Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teacher Week 2014: Where I teach!

Please forgive me for my iPhone pics. Someone I know who takes pics professionally is going to take pics of my room for my blog. Until then I am the photographer and not a good one at that. My theme for my K room is puppies and chevron! Sticking to bright colors. I really love my room and the theme is very fun for the kiddos.

I will be changing this bulletin board out each month for seasons and hanging art/crafts! 

This is where my lap top for my Smart Board goes... Don't ya love my skittle jar? 

My teacher table! Complete with my Teacher anchor! 

Birthday board! Still waiting to get more birthdays up there! And yes I need to fix the spacing. Please pay no attention to the tacky ceiling tile. 

Reading center/library 

An organized mess. 

My Top Dog of the Week seat

Dog bowls to hold crayons!

Cute calendar time! 

Where I sit during carpet time! This chair holds my flash cards, markers, books, etc! 

My SitSpots! Love them 

Word wall

Supply shelf! Wish you could see my cute labels.. Silly lamination. 

Kitchen center and chalkboard table. 

Alphabet pennants!

It's all good in Kindergarten! 

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  1. That is such a creative theme that you have! I love the dog bowls for crayons - I think that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. So fun! Nice to meet you on the blog hop!