Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

Listening: I am lounging on the couch finally getting some rest after a busy week! I finally have my classroom finished!
Loving: I ordered a lanyard for school from Etsy for my ID badge and keys... I think it is super cute!!!
Thinking: I need to start on lesson plans! I have so many ideas for the first week of school! Now to just put into writing so I can have a visual!!!
Wanting: I am wanting some pool time! I am going to soak in every last minute of my summer vacation tomorrow! I might even read a whole book. I just bought Orange is the New Black for my Kindle. Can't wait!
Needing: I cut my hair short the other day.. I think I'm going to take a little more off before school begins! Short hair don't care!
Monday is back-to-school! I'm so excited!


  1. Oh I love your lanyard. I need something new this year. I have one month to go before school but I had to cut my hair off today. It was just too long. Wishing I had a pool!

  2. I love your lanyard. We returned to school last Wednesday, and kids return on Tuesday. I'm excited about the new school as well. Hope you have a good school year.

    Jacqui @ Resource Room Rules

  3. You were ALMOST the "two people before me" for Currently, then I actually posted my blog & you weren't anymore, BUT I wanted to leave a comment anyway! I recognized you from Thriving in Third's post yesterday. Linz just so happens to be my bestie from high school! Your lanyard is adorable. I need to be better about wearing mine this year. I hope you enjoy your last few days off of school! :-)


  4. I love the lanyard. I typically do not wear my badge, but my daughter has to at her school. So, I think that will be a nice surprise to send her! We start back to school tomorrow, also! Hope your year is great!
    Teachers Are Terrific!