Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Currently

This is my first time to do a link up! I'm a newbie blogger and TPTer. I'm really wanting to meet fellow bloggers and grow as a blogger myself. So here is my July "currently". :)

1 Listening: currently listening to Scooby Doo in the background. I get to spend all day with this little cutie! Her name is Emma and she is a hoot. Keeping herself entertained takes multitasking. 
2 loving: currently loving my new Jack Rogers! If you want to invest in a pair of comfy sandals these are the ones! They come in every color and can be dressed up or down. These are my go-to shoes for school! 

3 thinking: I am thinking about to-do's for back-to-school. I have a new classroom this year and I have a lot of work to get on top of! Painting bookshelves and making milk rate seats are on the top of my list. By the way I teach kindergarten this year! Kinders are my passion. I taught 3rd grade last year and loved it! 

4 wanting: I am wanting a massage. My group that I run and workout with killed me today.. We ran hills. And I'm talking extreme hills! My booty hates me now but will thank me later. 

5 needing: refer back to #2.. This girl needs a pedi. If you are a runner then no explanation necessary. 

6 4th plans: my favorite place in the world is my inlaws lake home. Best view. We also take the boat out and watch fireworks on the lake 

Happy 4th, y'all! 


  1. Hi Mrs. Agent,
    I found you on the linky! I hope you enjoy the 4th with your family. Best wishes in your new adventure of blogging and TpT"ing". They have been an exciting adventure and a blessing for me.

    Teaching Fourth

  2. Hi Mrs. Agent! I'm visiting from Currently. I too will be visiting in-laws for the 4th. You have an awesome view!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  3. That is a lovely view for the lake. It looks very similar to the Puget Sound. (I'm from Washington State.) Welcome to the world of blogging and TpT-ing. (I'm not sure that is a word but we'll go with it.) It can be a ton of fun. I hope you enjoy it and your 4th of July.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  4. Hi there....I found you on the Currently linky! I love running/crossfitting too, also need a pedi, and am new to blogging and TPT-ing!! YEAH!!! Have a great 4th!!
    Lunch, Snacks, and Recess