Monday, June 23, 2014

New Chapter

Since graduating in December with my B.S.ed in Early Childhood, I have had a lot of incredible first experiences teaching. Before even graduating and finishing my internship, I was offered a job mid-year to teach the 3rd grade. I was beyond grateful, considering I already had in my head that I would probably sub during the spring and hopefully find a job for this coming fall. I was a little nervous to be thrown into the 3rd grade mid-year, especially with the new law in Oklahoma that says if a 3rd grader doesn't pass the end-of-year test in reading they have to be retained without the teacher or parent's consent. Lame. So you can imagine how I must have felt just graduating and having all of this pressure. I was a nervous wreck on the inside but kept my cool on the outside for my kiddos.  I fell in love with my kiddos and they all did great. Before accepting the 3rd grade job they informed me that I would just be teaching 3rd grade to finish the school year out and then I'd be moved to Kindergarten in the fall. I am certified to teach pre-k through 3rd grade in Oklahoma. I would do my best teaching any of those grades, but my heart is mostly in Kindergarten. I fell in love with Kindergarten during my full-internship. So I am beyond excited to start teaching Kindergarten in the fall. I really cannot wait for school to start! This isn't my first blog... During my interning I started a blog so I could document things throughout my internship for possible employers. However, when I graduated my e-mail that was linked to my blog deactivated. So I do not have access to that blog anymore, which leads me to this one! If you would like to check out previous posts from my old blog you can do so at . Also, I am a newbie to TPT.. Well new to selling, I'm a long time buyer :) I think my first post on this blog will be over some products I've been working on. Thanks for checking out my blog and please follow me for more Kindergarten inspiration and TPT products.

These are a few of my new/first products for TPT!

My first product is over letter recognition. I created this worksheet bundle for students to practice writing and recognizing letters. This is great for independent work or homework. You can get it in my store for only $1! You can find it here.

My next product I made I just love! It is a Dolch Sight Word bundle with everything you need to teach your little ones sight words in a fun and effective way. It is a superhero theme. It includes sight word lists for students that are broken up into groups, word wall words and labels, practice sheets, and flashcards. You can find this bundle for $3 here.
My most recent product goes along with Scott Foresman's Reading Street. This is for Unit 1, The Little School Bus. This is everything you need for this story. It includes items for a focus wall, flash cards, letters A-E practice sheets, rhyming practice sheets, sight word practice sheets, work on writing papers, and two sight word readers that students can color and put together to read during small groups and to take home. You can find this here on TPT for $4.
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